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caravans videos

VIDEO: Introducing the Bailey Pegasus GT65 range

The Bailey Pegasus GT65 - commemorating Bailey's 65th anniversary in style

Bailey has unveiled the 3rd generation of their popular Pegasus range - the limited edition GT65, and CaravanTimes has been taking a look inside

VIDEO: Innovations in caravan heating with Whale Pumps

Whale builds caravan heaters that are mounted under the floor boards

Whale know a thing or two about keeping caravanners warm in winters and in this video we take a look behind the scenes to see what new heating products they've got in the pipeline

VIDEO: Swift turns up the heat with Alde for the new Challenger SE

The new Swift Challenger SE features Alde central heating

Swift Group has pulled of something of a coup with its new Challenger SE range, by fitting an exclusive touchscreen-controlled heating system from Alde

VIDEO: Inside a top windsurfer's Bailey Pegasus caravan

Neil Greentree's Bailey Pegasus which helps him compete in windsurfing events

Caravans are versatile way of getting out and trying new things, and for Neil Greentree they represent a brilliant way of warming up after a busy day windsurfing

VIDEO: Family friendly caravanning with the Swift Challenger SE

Chris Milburn (left) discusses the Swift Challenger SE

In this video Chris Milburn describes how he designs the layouts for the Swift Challenger SE and discusses the need to make them suitable for modern families

VIDEO: Redesigning the interiors for the 2013 Elddis Avante range

The new 2013 Elddis Avante has a redesigned interior

The new Elddis Avante range features a striking new exterior, but there's even more to get excited about on the inside, as Chris Jefferies has been finding out

VIDEO: What makes the Swift Challenger SE a luxury caravan?

A look at the wide range of luxury spec in the new Swift Challenger SE

The newest range from Swift promises to be even more luxurious than its illustrious predecessor, and in this video Swift's Gary O'Brien explains how they've upped the luxury levels

VIDEO: Upgrading the Whale heating system on the 2013 Elddis Avante

The 2013 Avante comes with a brand new heater

For many the heating system is the most important part of a caravan, and with this in mind Elddis has given its new Avante a real boost

VIDEO: Take a closer look inside the 2013 Bailey Unicorn Series II

The new front sunroof changes the interior dramatically

The biggest story of the year in the caravan world has been the new exterior design on the Bailey Unicorn Series II. Chris Jefferies has been talking to the Bailey team about their radical new look

VIDEO: Elddis Avante gets a sharp new exterior look for 2013

The new Avante has a similar nose-end to the Crusader range

The Solid Construction manufacturers have given their most popular range a significant upgrade, and Chris Jefferies has been to the Elddis factory to take a look inside the first 2013 model

VIDEO: Race to the finish line with the Bailey Orion

Jonathan takes to the Silverstone track in his Mini

In the third and final part of our Mini racing video series, we follow Jonathan Lewis' progress as he hits the track at Silverstone, aiming for his fifth win in a row

VIDEO: Introducing the 2013 Swift Challenger SE and Sterling Eccles SE

This new range features the ever popular Swift sunroof

The UK's biggest caravan manufacturer has launched a new range of tourers and Chris Jefferies has been taking a first look inside

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