Benimar Tessoro Part 2: The City Touring Lifestyle

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Benimar Tessoro Part 2: The City Touring Lifestyle

Friday, 01, Jun 2018 04:01

By William Coleman

I was born in raised in London and have seen the pros and cons of taking a touring vehicle through the busy streets. I would not really fancy towing a caravan through Oxford Circus but driving the great Benimar Tessoro from the surrey countryside into the heart of London was an absolute pleasure.

The Beninar is built on a Ford, which is ideal for me as my last 3 cars have all been Fords so I felt right at home behind the wheel. Especially being able to connect my phone to the up to date radio and play all my songs.

I stayed at the Alderstead Caravan and Motorhome Club site in Surrey. The site is picture perfect and totally surrounded by fields and large amounts of trees. You would never think you were 15 miles from the Central London. That is one of the great things about using your motorhome for a city break, you are always so close to picture perfect British countryside.

I was able to get into London with total ease, as London roads are designed for much larger vehicles than the Tessoro. Within no time at all I was sat at one of London's many hidden gems drinking an iced coffee, 24 in the shade meant a warm coffee was out of the question.

Due to the large amount of storage the Tessoro provides you do not have to be picky what kind of clothing you bring with you. Shorts and T-shirt for the day and a nice shirt and jeans for the evening as you stroll the cobbled street of Covent Garden.

Once I was finished seeing all the hidden locations and national landmarks it was a very short drive back to the peaceful surroundings of the site.

This is a fantastic example of just how easy a city break is when you opt to use your motorhome.

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