The 3 Peaks Challenge With The Marquis Randger Part 2

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1 mountain down 2 to go with the Randger

The 3 Peaks Challenge With The Marquis Randger Part 2

1 mountain down 2 to go with the Randger
1 mountain down 2 to go with the Randger

Tuesday, 17, Jul 2018 12:29

By William Coleman

In our previous 3 Peaks installment we saw Dan and Tom, of CaravanTimes, tackle Ben Nevis while a certain Martin Dorey ferried them from country to country and kept them fed and watered. In part 2 we will see different opinions from behind the wheel giving thoughts on the Randger and then ticking another 2 more countries off of the list.

During the challenge the overall opinion of the Randger is that it handles more like a car than a campervan. Quick, durable, comfortable and very easy to travel to 3 different countries in less than 24 hours, oh and climb 3 mountains. This camper really has been designed for driving.

One thing the guys needed for this trip was comfort. After climbing up a mountain and back down you're not gonna want uncomfortable seat to sit on while you drive to the next mountain. My legs hurt just writing this. In both the front and back of the Randger are seat that are luxurious and comfortable enough to sleep in. Come to think of it this camper have a luxurious feel throughout.

The Randger offers a long list of benefits, the main one being its versatility. While Tom and Dan stormed up a mountain Martin, along with the CaravanTimes camera operator, were able to have a night out. Mr. Dorey found a place to stop, a quick costume change and then out to dinner. So when touring you can make the most of the country by parking up and letting someone else cook for you. While half of your team climb a mountain without a home cooked meal.

How does CaravanTimes makes the most out of the Randger? We use it to transport the team and all of out kit around the UK. There was so much storage on board it was almost hard to fill up. 4 adults with luggage and a production kit. All of this on board and it still drives and handles perfectly.

If you are planning on taking any kind of challenge the Randger is ideal. Climb mountains, use the Randger, a quick weekend in the Lake District, use the Randger, pop to Tesco you can use the Randger.

Stay tuned for part 3 which is coming very soon.

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