The Bailey Of Bristol Phoenix Product Launch

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What does the all new Bailey Phoenix range have in store for 2019?

The Bailey Of Bristol Phoenix Product Launch

What does the all new Bailey Phoenix range have in store for 2019?
What does the all new Bailey Phoenix range have in store for 2019?

Friday, 27, Jul 2018 12:32

By William Coleman

Last week we had to privilege of being invited to the 2019 Bailey of Bristol product launch at Stanton House in Swindon. This year's launch exclusively featured the all new Bailey Phoenix range. And lets just say that what we saw brings a whole new meaning to the term 'entry level'.

During the launch we heard from Simon Howard, Bailey's Marketing Director, as well as the marketing team and their sister brand PRIMA Leisure. As Bailey enter their 70th year they have risen this new range from the ashes to introduce the new Phoenix.

PRIMA Leisure has seen large success this year by aligning themselves with Bailey and have their eyes formly set on the future with a target of 20 stores nationwide.

We want to continue supporting Bailey customers as well as non Bailey customers with our product range.". So if you need a new awning I would strongly suggest looking into their flagship product, the Prima Air Awning.

Phoenix- The Range

Let me start by saying that the Phoenix will be replacing the Pursuit in the Bailey line up. The main reason behind the introduction of the new range is to "bring balance to the Bailey portfolio", says Simon Howard. Bailey want to bring the standard of their "entry level" closer to their more premium ranges. Instead of calling this product entry level they have dubbed them the first choice range.. An entry priced caravan with high premium features and benefits.

You will be able to get your hands on the 7 new layouts as of September when they are rolled out to the general public.

The 7 new layouts are as follows:

  • 420- 2 Berth
  • 440- French Bed 4 Berth
  • 642- 4 Berth with Island Bed
  • 664- 4 Berth with Island Bed
  • Both the 640 and 664 are the first caravans in this price range to feature island beds

  • 650- 5 Berth
  • 760- Twin Axle 6 Berth

All 7 of the different layouts will come with all the trademark Bailey touches as well as a vertical skylight. The vans will feature 5 230 volt plug sockets as well as 2 USB points. Being able to charge 7 devices at once should stop any arguments or squabbles.

Another feature which is new to the more entry level based range is that they will all be fitted with Truma systems throughout. So Bailey are bringing premium brands to lower price based models to ensure everyone of their customers get the very best for their money.

Another stand out of this range is the customisation and upgrades that are available. These can be added in both pre and post purchase. So if you want to include a variation of different dressing kits you can, which saved the Sunday morning trip to ikea to find the ideal scatter cushion.

For more information, as well as prices, visit the Bailey Phoenix Range website.

In the meantime enjoy the Bailey's video on the new range and have your holiday your way.

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