VIDEO: Swift tears up the interior design rulebook with Colour Concept

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We ask Swift's Chris Millburn about the company's first-ever concept caravan

VIDEO: Swift tears up the interior design rulebook with Colour Concept

We ask Swift's Chris Millburn about the company's first-ever concept caravan
We ask Swift's Chris Millburn about the company's first-ever concept caravan

Thursday, 21, Mar 2013 02:02

by Emmy Griffiths and Chris Jefferies

Swift Group has introduced the next stage in caravan design by unveiling the Colour Concept caravan at last month's NEC Caravan and Camping show.

In this video Chris Millburn, one of the chief designers at Swift, talks to CaravanTimes about the inspiration behind the design, the interior of the caravan, and how caravan design could change in the future.

This unique caravan pushes the boundaries of design, with its unusual interior featuring laminated flooring, shag-pile rugs, textured walls and unusual lighting.

Interested in a closer look? Have a look at the 360degree tours of the new Challenger SE layouts here.

And Swift used the NEC Caravan and Camping show as a chance to get a first-hand reaction from caravan enthusiasts.

The space in the caravan is split into clear zones through the use of lighting, varied flooring and textured walls, which is discussed in detail.

We also have a video tour of the caravan and want to know what you think - do you think this untraditional style of design could catch on? Let us know by filling in our online questionnaire below:

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