Lee Davey Talks Truma Aftermarket Fitting

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Truma air con fitted and field tested by Lee Davy

Lee Davey Talks Truma Aftermarket Fitting

Truma air con fitted and field tested by Lee Davy
Truma air con fitted and field tested by Lee Davy

Wednesday, 21, Aug 2019 03:32

By William Coleman

Do you really want or need an aftermarket fitting? Satellite dishes? Bike racks? Air con? It seems as though adding to your caravan or motorhome once you've purchased it is becoming a very popular option. Do you know anyone who has had an aftermarket fitting? We do and here is what he has to say.

Some people feel that the caravan is perfect just the way it comes fresh off the forecourt. Where as there is the other side of the coin who love to add extras to further enhance their holiday experience. But what makes some love and others loathe the idea?

First and foremost I think it's due to people not wanting to interfere with the van or alter the chassis in any way. After all, cutting a hole in the roof or panel of a leisure vehicle is very much the opposite of what you should do.

This is something I fully understand and agree with, until I saw what actually goes into fitting dishes and air con units. It put a lot of doubts out of my mind.

The other dominant thought is "do I really need it"? A lot of us have grown up without such mod cons like satellite TV in caravans and so feel we can very much live without it. My argument to that is, why not give it a try?

To see if there is much call for on board air con caravan journo and expert had a Truma system fitted to his Bailey Phoenix. How did he get it, how did it go and most importantly was it worth it?

Having travelled with Lee before I can tell you he is very much a hands on practical caravan user and will use the caravan with what it comes with without issue. So I was interested to see how Lee got on with the added extra.

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