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swift caravans video

VIDEO: Exclusive technology in the Swift Elegance and Sterling Continental

The Swift Elegance and Sterling Continental have a patented five-layer floor

The East Yorkshire manufacturer has been explaining how its new flagship ranges are put together, including some pioneering techniques that take their inspiration from the car industry

VIDEO: What Smart HT construction brings to luxury Swift caravans

Smart HT is exclusive to the Swift Elegance and Sterling Continental

The launch of the Swift Elegance and Sterling Continental brought with it the introduction of Smart HT construction. In this video we get the story behind this new caravan-building process

VIDEO: Swift teases Smart HT caravan launch with behind-the-scenes clip

Swift has got a surprise up its sleeve

The Swift Group has a big surprise up its sleeve, it would appear, after an undercover video appeared online earlier this week

VIDEO: Exclusive features in the 2014 Swift caravan ranges

Swift has secured some exclusive deals for the 2014 season

With so many top-quality new caravans on the market it can be hard to make a choice. So to tip the balance, Swift Group has announced a few exclusive deals for the upcoming season. In this video we hear all about them

VIDEO: Swift Group makes Dusseldorf caravan show debut

Swift represented the UK at this year's Dusseldorf Caravan Salon

CaravanTimes has crossed the channel to find out how Swift Group is taking on some of Europe's biggest manufacturers in their own back yard

VIDEO: First look inside the 2014 Swift Challenger SE and Sterling Eccles SE

The Challenger SE has been upgraded for 2014

In our latest video feature, Swift Group explains how they've improved upon the highly successful SE range that was launched last year

VIDEO: Swift Group gives 2014 range upgraded Truma and Alde heating

Nick Page from Swift explains the two heating systems that the company fits

Swift has cranked up the heat once again. Their 2014 range will feature more powerful Truma and Alde heating systems to make winter caravanning even more appealing

VIDEO: Swift Group ups the luxury with 2014 Conqueror and Elite ranges

Nick Page from Swift talks us through the updates to the Conqueror and Elite ranges

The latest version of the flagship Swift and Sterling caravans has seen a few key updates to these premium tourers. In this video we take a first look inside

VIDEO: Introducing the 2014 Swift Challenger Sport

The Swift Challenger Sport was first introduced back in 2011

The entry-level Swift caravans have been updated for the new season, with a new construction system and enhanced interiors. In this video we get the inside story

VIDEO: Swift goes timberless with new Smart Construction method

All 2014 Swift, Sterling and Sprite caravans will come with Smart Construction

In this video special we find out all about the new construction method being introduced by the Swift Group for the 2014 season

Top Caravan News

Grand Theft Auto With A Caravan Attached

Police give chase to a tow car and caravan

We all know that caravans are a target for would be thieves and vandals. What you may not expect is for someone to try and pinch a towcar, swap the plates over and then have a police chase with a caravan attached. Some people really do not care for the rules of the road.

Coachman Sales Increase

Despite a tough market Coachman are thriving

Hull based caravan manufacturers have seen a huge rise in sales following what has been a tough time period for the industry as a whole. They have also seen more success as KABE have purchased a percentage of the business.

Most Read

Benimar Tessoro Part 1: The 483 Full Test

The Tessoro 483 is built on a 170BHP Ford

At CaravanTimes we recently had a Benimar Tessoro 483 on test for a couple of weeks. We have done just over 2000 miles in the Tessoro and tested in various ways - as you will find out in our inspiration features coming up. But before we give you some ideas of where and why you should use a motorhome like the Tessoro we wanted to bring some information on the Tessoro range and the very interesting 483.

Bristanbul Video Documentary Part 1

Part one of the documentary is here

So as most of our readers will know, the CaravanTimes team were lucky enough to be part of Bailey of Bristols, Bristol to the Bosphoros trip. Travelling 21 countries in 21 days the team did a fantastic job to take the 2 caravans and motorhome cross-continental.