Swift Challenger

Swift Challenger interior for 2017
Swift Challenger interior for 2017

Tuesday, 03, Aug 2010 04:53

Innovations for 2017

Three new models have been launched in the Challenger range for 2017, bringing the current model total to nine.

Of the three models introduced there is the single-axle 560, which comes with a rear island bed and central washroom.

The other two, the 635 and 645, are twin-axles, with the former having a bedroom across the back of the camper and a washroom in the centre and the latter of the same design but in reverse.

Both twin-axle models will also have a tall slimline Dometic fridge-freezer and the gloss locker doors are now also in grey.

Another feature added is the chrome effect two part grab handles to the front and rear.

A Lux option pack is now available for these ranges, including, an alarm system with key fob operation, an illuminated kitchen splash back, barbecue point and outside mains socket.

Alde heating continues to be an option.

Innovations for 2016

For 2016, the Swift Challenger range has been enhanced with a stunning new profile and a stylish interior, still providing good value for money and impressive weights which allows for all models in the range towable by most family cars. And, with eight models to choose from including a twin axle variant, there's pretty much something for everyone.

Swift's construction system has been enhanced with SMART Plus, including three key enhancements: new sandwich floor construction with GRP outer skin providing more durability from the elements, upgraded hail resistant GRP roof, and a full GRP and foam constructed front window jig.

Coming with a panoramic sunroof, allowing for each Challenger to bathe in an abundance of light, the stylish theme continues throughout courtesy of 'Aralie Sen' woodgrain with an ashen brown hue, as well as a new gloss finish applied to the furniture and upper locker doors.

Complementing the aforementioned theme comes 'Zimba' soft furnishings featuring a fusion of a cream base fabric with a dark brown thread and stylised floral curtains in earthy brown and duck egg blue accents. Chrome sockets, switches and push button locker catches add to the contemporary feel Swift have managed to create.

Flexible seating and sleeping arrangements feature new Swift AirWave seating with a unique construction that expertly blends comfort and support, whilst all fixed beds have been made even more comfortable with Duvalay Duvalite mattresses.

Well equipped kitchens feature the Dometic fridge with removable freezer compartment and washrooms have a transit friendly bi-fold shower door.

Truma Combi heating comes as standard and is easy to use via a digital panel to control the heating and hot water with the option of an Alde wet central heating system.

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