Swift Charisma

The Charisma series is Swift's most popular range of tourers
The Charisma series is Swift's most popular range of tourers

Tuesday, 03, Aug 2010 04:02

The Swift philosophy is to build high quality, functional tourers at affordable prices. Swift Charisma caravans are the most popular range from the award winning Yorkshire caravan manufacturer, and come in nine versatile single-axle layouts.

The entire Swift Caravans series underwent updates for the 2010 season including re-styled kitchens and bathrooms. Fully lined showers and thicker washroom doors make for a more luxurious washing experience and a high capacity in-board water pump delivers good water pressure to the appliances.

The 2011 season range is updated further still with Swift Charisma 565 model given a separate shower and enhanced rear bedroom configuration, while the six berth 570 will house a new side dinette that doubles up as a bunk bed.

Upgraded Hancook branded tyres will be used on all touring caravans providing an extra 10% load factor and improved braking performance.

The kitchen houses a Thetford oven and dual fuel hob which are complimented by a built in microwave oven and an electronic ignition fridge, finished in stainless steel.

A class leading 6'5" of headroom comes as standard and an AL-KO galvanised steel chassis with Euro-Axle supports the body 2.23 metre width. Security features include the upgraded high security entrance locks, a smoke alarm and a concealed security data chip hidden within the caravan construction.

Prices range from 12,628 for the 2 berth Charisma 220 model, up to £14,452 for the deluxe 4 berth Charisma 550.

A fully featured website is available here www.swiftleisure.co.uk for detailed specifications.

In July 2011, the Swift Charisma was replaced by the new Swift Challenger Sport range.

For more details, news, rumour and discussions on the Swift Charisma, join our community group for Swift Caravan Owners.

Update: This model is now only available as a used caravan

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ReviewsOverall Rating

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The seal around the windows went and the gel coating on the exterior has cracked but Swift fixed both problems straight away. I'm very happy with both...Read More

Swift Charisma 545 - 2010

We haven't had it for very long, so have used it very little, but really looking forward to getting out in it. It's got loads more bed space than our...Read More

Swift Charisma 540 - 2010

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Swift Charisma 220 - 2004

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Swift Charisma 220 - 2010

Overall this is a nice 2 berth caravan. My only complaint is that the flyscreen won't shut properly because of the way the bin is positioned....Read More

Swift Charisma 520 SE - 1992

Very good overall, no complaints....Read More

Swift Charisma - 2008

1 or 2 little things have gone wrong and it's gone back to the dealer to sort out....Read More

Swift Charisma 620 - 2007

This is one of the good all-round caravans which offers a decent layout and good levels of equipment. ...Read More

Swift Charisma 220 - 2006

Superb little van, a great two berther with loads of room....Read More

Swift Charisma 550 - 2009

The fridge wasn't working but was replaced, other than that no big problems to report....Read More


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